Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shooting against the light simple solutions

Shooting against the light simple solutionsWhen you shooting against the light your subject will appear too dark. You can choose to set a longer exposure in order to have plenty of light over the near subject, but in this case the background will appear burned. Below you will find a pair of shooting against the light simple solutions.

Use Flash Even in a Sunny Day: If you are close enough to your subject, like for instance in portrait photography, using the flash even if it is a very sunny day will fix the problem in a very simple and effective way.

D-Lighting Function: But what if your subject is too far away and you can’t or just don’t want to try a different angle with the sun behind you? Or what if it is night and a lamp illuminates the place? Will you be pleased with the overexposed lamp due to the long exposure needed in night conditions? Some new cameras come with a function called D-Lighting (or adaptive lighting). This function will solve the problem automatically.