Sunday, July 27, 2008

Floor Cleaner Homemade Solution

Floor Cleaner Homemade SolutionIf you want to make a basic floor cleaner that can be used in your bare floor cleaning machine, mix 1/3 cup of Borax with one gallon of warm water. Add one teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent and a tablespoon of ammonia. This solution makes a fine floor cleaning product that will not only remove tough stains, but will disinfect your kitchen and bathroom floors.

To clean your wood floors, go to the pantry and mix ½ cup of white vinegar and ½ cup of vegetable oil. This natural solution will make your wood floors shine like new. The vinegar acts to remove stains and the oil helps to maintain the luster of the wood.

If you have Pergo floors, you can mix 1/3 cup of white vinegar, 1/3 cup rubbing alcohol, 1/3 cup water and three drop of dishwashing liquid to make a fantastic floor cleaner. This solution can also be used in your bare floor cleaner, or with a mop.

To clean a linoleum floor, mix one tablespoon of liquid soap, a quarter cup of baking soda to two gallons of hot water. Add ¼ cup of white vinegar to the mix and you have an excellent linoleum floor cleaner. This solution also works very well on tile floors.

Once you have made a homemade floor cleaner, you will probably want to try to make other cleaning products. You may even enjoy using some every day products in ways to clean your home.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Bike. A Simple Solution to Many Complex Problems

The Bike. A Simple Solution to Many Complex Problems
For the first time in our nation’s history, the average American child has a shorter life expectancy than his or her parents do. Inactivity and obesity are compromising our health. Global warming is threatening our future. Congestion is eroding our patience and our mobility. These are truly interesting times.

Little known fact: bikes receive infinity miles to the gallon. They're also incredibly fun to ride. Bikes can be used not just for urban commuting, but also on long-term trips. Several trails cater to travelers who like to go at their own pace, see a little bit of rural America (or another country), and do it all on the cheap.

The more people use cars to get around, the more they create a world in which we depend upon cars to get around. Whether it is rising gas prices or carbon emissions or obesity, bicycles are a step in the right direction. Looking at these pressing issues; global warming, escalating obesity, increasing congestion - there is one common answer. The bicycle is a cure to much of what ails us. Its is an elegant, yet simple solution to many complex problems.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Easy Solution on How To Get Rid Of Acne

Easy Solution on How To Get Rid Of AcneAn adolescent's biggest problem is not the development of angst or the availability of a prom date or the impending life in a university. Most definitely not. An adolescent's biggest problem is the threat of pimples, a concern he shares with some older people as well. Therefore, one of the more popular search terms on the web is "how do I get rid of acne?" Do not worry, getting rid of acne is not as hopeless as some people may think.

Before we begin, we must accept the fact that zits are as inevitable as growing up. Yes, pimples are a part of life. One of the gravest effects of an acne breakout is the reduced self-esteem it causes on the subject. Such depleted self-esteem is, most definitely, baseless. Acne is unsightly, but they will not make you unwanted. Acne is undesirable, but they will not make you any less desirable. Nonetheless, acne remains an affliction we can live without, and there are many methods to get rid of them.

First is by not making things worse. Truth to say, many people are inclined to use a needle on their zit once they feel it's getting too big. This is wrong. This can make it prone to infection and further inflammation. Worse, this may lead to a more dangerous skin condition like a boil. Popping your acne should be saved as a last resort, and it should be executed with care. There is a prescribed manner in popping a zit, and it should be done by focusing single zits at a time.

Make it a point to clean your face when indoors. If you are wearing makeup, ensure that it's properly removed once you get your place. Chemicals and dirt will block your pores, and this will cause an acne outbreak.

Learn how to exfoliate. Though old skin cells will drop to the ground eventually, they may result in an acne breakout while they remain on your skin. Get rid of them as soon as possible.

If you have susceptive skin, take the necessary precautions. Use non-hypoallergenic soap so as not to abrade the surface of your face. Sport a hairstyle where your hair will not touch your face so as not to aggravate things.

Make sure to get enough sleep, every night! As a teenager, try to get approximately 8 hours of slumber per day. As an adult, 6 hours should do the trick. The prescribed amount of sleep will make the skin healthier.

Drink at least 10 glasses of water per day. Water cleans your body. Acne is an effect of the body's dirt buildup. Hence, water is an organic protection against acne.

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Quit Smoking - The Easy Solution

Quit Smoking - The Easy SolutionThere are such enormous amounts of quit smoking products that are made available in markets to stop smoking that a person intending to do so would get confused and drop the idea. Let us now look at the stop smoking cigarette that has proven to be an effective solution to stop smoking. Herbal Treatments have been in practice for a thousand years among eastern countries but only recently have they shown how effective they can be to help stop smoking. There are various methods of consuming these herbs and one common and popular method is by using the stop smoking cigarette.

There are many kinds of stop smoking cigarettes that are popular among smokers wanting to kick the habit, but the herbal cigarettes are the most common. People who have used them do acknowledge the fact that herbs can help to cure the system. The main ingredient of the stop smoking cigarette is lobelia, or the Indian tobacco, which is quite similar to nicotine, but without its addictive properties. Hence, herbal cigarette can fulfill the urge of the affected person without causing any damage or obsession. Secondly, lobelia is an antidepressant and would therefore help the smoker to stay against pangs of stress, in case it occurs. The herbal stop smoking cigarettes also contain other herbs such as chamomile, Wort, Gotu cola, Kava Kava among others.

These herbal cigarettes function in three main ways to help a person stop smoking. First, it kills the desire to smoke in a person and this way slowly helps the person wean away from addiction. Second, it helps by fighting against stress, anxiety and depression that is bound to happen when smoking is given up. In many cases, people tend to surrender to the addiction again as they cannot cope up with the cold-turkey method being followed. Thirdly, this alternative fixes the damage caused to the individual as a result of the long period of smoking. These herbal remedies are a hope to take the body of the affected individual to a better state as it was before the addiction period.

However, the stop smoking cigarettes do face much criticism. Though some people claim that smoking cannot be quit by smoking, such claims are a result of unawareness. Normal cigarettes contain tar and nicotine, which are very harmful to the health of the individual. Moreover, the former is the root cause of cancers in the human body. The smoke of the cigarette contains carbon monoxide which is also fatal to the human health. Practically speaking, nicotine causes the addiction to cigarettes rather than any other harm. People tend to find it difficult to quit smoking for this reason mainly. However, in herbal cigarettes, both tar and nicotine are absent and thus it protects the body from all the dangerous effects of tar and people are freed from the scare of getting addicted. The rising demand for the herbal stop smoking cigarettes is a clear indicator of the fact that herbal cigarette is effective. This has made it obvious that herbal stop smoking cigarettes are going to be a rage in the years to come with regards to quit smoking.

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Parking in the Garage - Easy Solution

Parking in the Garage - Easy SolutionEver have the problem about not knowing how far to pull your car into the garage? Here is a very easy solution that works for us.

First you need a long piece of rope or string that you'll tie to the roof of the garage and a tennis ball (or racquetball). Tie one end of the string around the ball so it will hold. This was a little tricky but do-able.

When your car is pulled into the garage at the correct spot, tie the string opposite the ball to a rafter or attach to the ceiling of the garage with a hook. You want the ball gently resting on the windshield.

That's it! Now when you pull in the garage you stop when the tennis ball touches your wind shield.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How To Slow Down Dogs Eating - An Easy Solution

My dog eats his food so fast, is it ok? Or, is this unhealthy for him? What can I do about that? We give our dog his food twice a day. He is even trained to sit and wait until we say go! Then, he has his food inhaled in 2 seconds flat. I don’t know why he does this. Or, what can I do to stop it? This is such a common question.

There is a real solution to this problem. An inexpensive solution that even the dogs don’t mind. They don’t even realize you are solving their problem, because they just eat their food the same as every other time. Except, the bowl now regulates the speed.

In clinical tests run by professional vets, DogPause slowed down dogs by an average of 50% vs. standard dog bowls. As vets will confirm, a slower eating dog is a happier, healthier dog with less risk of experiencing (or doing) all sorts of yucky things like vomiting, gas, belching, gagging, experiencing life-threatening bloat, etc. Which makes life better for you and your dog...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An easy solution to any crisis

An easy solution to any crisisThe solution is... Chocolate covered strawberries! It's that easy. Eat two or three (or twelve) and all your problems instantly fade away. Who knew it was that simple?

Most important to successful dipping is to get ripe and flavorful strawberries, but a close second is the type of chocolate you use. This is very important - use only milk chocolate. Per bag of milk chocolate use one tablespoon of shortening (Crisco). Melt in a glass bowl in the microwave, stirring in 30 second intervals. One bag will yield enough chocolate for at least 40 medium-small strawberries. Yum!

Are eggs have been hard-boiled or uncooked?

Here’s an easy way to tell if the eggs in your fridge have been hard-boiled:

Simply give the egg a spin on a firm surface. If cooked, it will continue to spin; if not, it may make one or two wobbly turns and promptly stop.

The reason? The liquid inside an uncooked egg (as in a glass of water) will not pick up momentum. However, the solid inside of a cooked egg will (as would frozen water).

Friday, February 22, 2008

PLR Articles Value Maintaining Tips

PLR Articles Value Maintaining TipsThe easiest thing to do with PLR articles is to copy and paste them into a favorite forum posting, a blog or a Squidoo lens – without doing any editing or rewriting to the original content. But, the minute an articles got published, it loses it's uniqueness and loses the value.

Below are some tips to maintain the value of any PLR articles you currently have:

Delete nonrelevant articles

Delete those articles which are not relevant to your online business theme or business focus. Merely copying and pasting articles in blogs do not guarantee profit from Adsense. If you have thought about doing the same thing, drop it. You’re better off focusing on your current online business theme.

Re-categorized it

Most PLR articles have insufficient titles. It’s too long, too corny or too superficial. Take the time to rewrite them. You can be creative with your choices as long as it fits into your content theme.

Extract it

One of the things you can do to add uniqueness to an article and make it original is to extract the main points, keywords, concepts or ideas from the article.

Rewrite an article

After that, rewrite a new article based on what you’ve extracted. By far, it is the most practical way to make the article original, but this is also the most time-consuming activity.

Summarize it

This is easier than extracting article content. But this is difficult way to add originality to PLR article because at the end result is still the same.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Striking the Balance - An Easy Solution

Striking the Balance - An Easy Solution

"Partisanship is our great curse. We too readily assume that everything has two sides and that it is our duty to be on one or the other." - James Harvey Robinson

A trait that most humans have inherited is the mentality that everything can be split into clear-cut segments. Unfortunately, this is one of our greatest faults as a species. The truth is that most things do not have finite distinctions, and failing to recognize this can be dangerous. Succinctly, people must find balance in everything they do, otherwise everything can topple over to one side.

Balance in Life

A simple example of striking a balance in life is when one leaves time for both work and play. As I said before, there is never a clear distinction between things, so work can easily become play and vice-versa. However, if time is only spent playing, for example, nothing is accomplished. Similarly, if one works all the time, there is no time for rest, which is also detrimental.

The same goes for everything in life: there is nothing wrong with eating unhealthy foods as long as it is balanced with healthier ones; watching TV is fine as long as there is some time spent doing physical activities; leaving time for oneself is important, but it must not take away from time spent with others; etc.

If ever you are distressed by a problem, try to think of it in terms of balance: if you have been doing a lot of one thing, have you done enough of the other? People are often surprised when they realize that much of their stress can be alleviated by simply incorporating a balance.

Balance of the Mind

We also tend to split things into groups mentally. Black vs. white, male vs. female, wrong vs. right, liberal vs. conservative, etc. This is another fault many humans have. By thinking in terms of one extreme versus another, we exclude a very important grey area. Historically, this need to distinguish and discriminate is what caused a lot of suffering.

Adolf Hitler was responsible for the near extinction of the Jewish population because he believed they were as a whole intolerable. African Americans had to fight for freedom and equality because of the same narrow mentality. Women, homosexuals, Irish, Tutsis, and many other communities have struggled, often sacrificing their lives, in an attempt to change this extremist frame of mind. Because of the immense sacrifices these groups had to make, it is difficult to believe that all that was necessary to better their conditions was for people to recognize that they are not really that different from each other.

These extreme cases only illustrate the point that imbalance, though relatively easy to correct, can be hugely damaging on a larger scale. However, thinking in simpler terms is just as important. For example, wheat bread is thought to be healthier than white bread. Though this is generally true, certain kinds of wheat bread are not whole wheat and contain a lot of added sugars. In other words, don't take one thing and assume that it is the same as all the others of its kind just because it is not the other extreme.

Striking the Balance

Remember that very few things (if not nothing at all) can be separated into finite categories. Try to think of things more as a spectrum. Recognize what you already have in your life and then try to create more of a balance by adding elements you don't have much of, or removing elements you have too much of. This will help you in just about every aspect of your life.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Limit Traffic Noise Outside Your Window

Traffic noise impacts more people than any other environmental noise source. Traffic noise can affect the ability to work, learn, rest, relax, sleep, etc. Excessive noise can lead to mental and physical health problems.

If your home is near a major road or you are experiencing problems with traffic noise, you may be able to limit the speed of cars (and accordingly traffic noise) with this easy to imitate method.