Friday, February 22, 2008

PLR Articles Value Maintaining Tips

PLR Articles Value Maintaining TipsThe easiest thing to do with PLR articles is to copy and paste them into a favorite forum posting, a blog or a Squidoo lens – without doing any editing or rewriting to the original content. But, the minute an articles got published, it loses it's uniqueness and loses the value.

Below are some tips to maintain the value of any PLR articles you currently have:

Delete nonrelevant articles

Delete those articles which are not relevant to your online business theme or business focus. Merely copying and pasting articles in blogs do not guarantee profit from Adsense. If you have thought about doing the same thing, drop it. You’re better off focusing on your current online business theme.

Re-categorized it

Most PLR articles have insufficient titles. It’s too long, too corny or too superficial. Take the time to rewrite them. You can be creative with your choices as long as it fits into your content theme.

Extract it

One of the things you can do to add uniqueness to an article and make it original is to extract the main points, keywords, concepts or ideas from the article.

Rewrite an article

After that, rewrite a new article based on what you’ve extracted. By far, it is the most practical way to make the article original, but this is also the most time-consuming activity.

Summarize it

This is easier than extracting article content. But this is difficult way to add originality to PLR article because at the end result is still the same.