Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How to Write Articles in Simple English

How to Write Articles in Simple EnglishAs you may know Simple English is similar to English, but it only uses basic words. If you want your readers to understand your article, you should use only the 1000 most common and basic words in English. You should also use only simple grammar, for example shorter sentences. Simple English can make it easier for people to adjust to a second language and improve understanding for people whose first language is not English. Other readers of your article may be children or have learning difficulties. Remember that you want to use simple language, but the ideas do not have to be simple.

There is simple method to write articles in Simple English. Write your article; use normal words, as you would speak to another person. Look through words, if a word is a name, idiomatic (the meaning of the words is not clear from the roots), slang, or jargon (special words which experts use), then it should be replaced. For detailed writing about politics, science, or religion, articles sometimes need some complex words, then you should explain all the hard words in the article. Next, change sentences to active voice. For example, change from "The bird was eaten by the cat." to "The cat ate the bird." Check that you use verbs in past, present or future only.

When you are writing article in Simple English try not to use bad grammar and bad spelling. It is not good idea to use bad words; you are trying to write in Simple English, not Bad English. Do not use idioms (words or phrases that mean something other than what they say). Try to keep the structure of an article simple too. And, finally, do not write articles so short, that they offer no useful information as the article you just have read. :)

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