Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Bike. A Simple Solution to Many Complex Problems

The Bike. A Simple Solution to Many Complex Problems
For the first time in our nation’s history, the average American child has a shorter life expectancy than his or her parents do. Inactivity and obesity are compromising our health. Global warming is threatening our future. Congestion is eroding our patience and our mobility. These are truly interesting times.

Little known fact: bikes receive infinity miles to the gallon. They're also incredibly fun to ride. Bikes can be used not just for urban commuting, but also on long-term trips. Several trails cater to travelers who like to go at their own pace, see a little bit of rural America (or another country), and do it all on the cheap.

The more people use cars to get around, the more they create a world in which we depend upon cars to get around. Whether it is rising gas prices or carbon emissions or obesity, bicycles are a step in the right direction. Looking at these pressing issues; global warming, escalating obesity, increasing congestion - there is one common answer. The bicycle is a cure to much of what ails us. Its is an elegant, yet simple solution to many complex problems.

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