Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How To Slow Down Dogs Eating - An Easy Solution

My dog eats his food so fast, is it ok? Or, is this unhealthy for him? What can I do about that? We give our dog his food twice a day. He is even trained to sit and wait until we say go! Then, he has his food inhaled in 2 seconds flat. I don’t know why he does this. Or, what can I do to stop it? This is such a common question.

There is a real solution to this problem. An inexpensive solution that even the dogs don’t mind. They don’t even realize you are solving their problem, because they just eat their food the same as every other time. Except, the bowl now regulates the speed.

In clinical tests run by professional vets, DogPause slowed down dogs by an average of 50% vs. standard dog bowls. As vets will confirm, a slower eating dog is a happier, healthier dog with less risk of experiencing (or doing) all sorts of yucky things like vomiting, gas, belching, gagging, experiencing life-threatening bloat, etc. Which makes life better for you and your dog...

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