Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quit Smoking - The Easy Solution

Quit Smoking - The Easy SolutionThere are such enormous amounts of quit smoking products that are made available in markets to stop smoking that a person intending to do so would get confused and drop the idea. Let us now look at the stop smoking cigarette that has proven to be an effective solution to stop smoking. Herbal Treatments have been in practice for a thousand years among eastern countries but only recently have they shown how effective they can be to help stop smoking. There are various methods of consuming these herbs and one common and popular method is by using the stop smoking cigarette.

There are many kinds of stop smoking cigarettes that are popular among smokers wanting to kick the habit, but the herbal cigarettes are the most common. People who have used them do acknowledge the fact that herbs can help to cure the system. The main ingredient of the stop smoking cigarette is lobelia, or the Indian tobacco, which is quite similar to nicotine, but without its addictive properties. Hence, herbal cigarette can fulfill the urge of the affected person without causing any damage or obsession. Secondly, lobelia is an antidepressant and would therefore help the smoker to stay against pangs of stress, in case it occurs. The herbal stop smoking cigarettes also contain other herbs such as chamomile, Wort, Gotu cola, Kava Kava among others.

These herbal cigarettes function in three main ways to help a person stop smoking. First, it kills the desire to smoke in a person and this way slowly helps the person wean away from addiction. Second, it helps by fighting against stress, anxiety and depression that is bound to happen when smoking is given up. In many cases, people tend to surrender to the addiction again as they cannot cope up with the cold-turkey method being followed. Thirdly, this alternative fixes the damage caused to the individual as a result of the long period of smoking. These herbal remedies are a hope to take the body of the affected individual to a better state as it was before the addiction period.

However, the stop smoking cigarettes do face much criticism. Though some people claim that smoking cannot be quit by smoking, such claims are a result of unawareness. Normal cigarettes contain tar and nicotine, which are very harmful to the health of the individual. Moreover, the former is the root cause of cancers in the human body. The smoke of the cigarette contains carbon monoxide which is also fatal to the human health. Practically speaking, nicotine causes the addiction to cigarettes rather than any other harm. People tend to find it difficult to quit smoking for this reason mainly. However, in herbal cigarettes, both tar and nicotine are absent and thus it protects the body from all the dangerous effects of tar and people are freed from the scare of getting addicted. The rising demand for the herbal stop smoking cigarettes is a clear indicator of the fact that herbal cigarette is effective. This has made it obvious that herbal stop smoking cigarettes are going to be a rage in the years to come with regards to quit smoking.

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